The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) is the centre for excellence and innovation in Aboriginal finance and management. AFOA Canada is the only organization in Canada that focuses on the capacity development and day to day needs of those Aboriginal professionals who are working in all areas of finance and management – today's leaders and those of the future.

AFOA was founded as a not-for-profit association in 1999 to help Aboriginal people better manage and govern their communities and organizations through a focus on enhancing finance and management practices and skills. AFOA's premise is that effective management is key to building social and economic prosperity and essential to successful Aboriginal governance.

AFOA Canada serves their members' professional needs so that they can help their organizations and communities maximize resources, strengthen decision-making and governance, enhance the delivery of programs and services and meet accountability requirements. AFOA Canada serves members' needs so that they can improve their skills and knowledge, grow professionally, and progress through their careers.

AFOA membership spans the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Artic. AFOA members are leaders in their communities, organizations, and companies. What binds them is their commitment to financial and management excellence. They are the people who get things done. You can be among them.





 AFOA SK  Annual Reports


Annual Report 2008.pdf

AFOA SK Financial Statements 2007-2008.pdf

AFOA 2009 Annual Report.pdf

AFOA SK Financial Statements 2008-2009.PDF

AFOASK_2009-2010 Annual Report.pdf

AFOASK_2009-2010 Financials Statements.pdf



AFOA SK Annual Report 2011_2012.pdf

Audited Financial Statements 2011_2012(1).pdf

AFOA SK 2013 Audited Statements.pdf

AFOA SK Annual Report-2012_2013.pdf

AFOA SK -AR_2013_2014.pdf

AFOA SK 2013_2014 Audited Financial Statements(1).pdf



Annual Report 2015_2016


AFOA SK Annual Report 2016_2017

AFOA SK Audited Financial Statements 2016_2017




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