Volunteer Program

Volunteerism is an important aspect of professional growth. If we are to reach the highest possible standards in Aboriginal management and governance, AFOA members have an obligation to volunteer their time and expertise for the betterment of the profession. The rewards are both personal and professional.

CAFMs can also receive credits towards CAFM Maintenance of Certification by performing volunteer duties. Volunteer work could include:being a course mentor for on-line course students,being a course instructor,making presentations to Aboriginal youth on a career in finance and/or management,sitting on AFOA committees and focus groups,marking the National Exam.

Members will be informed, and information will be posted on this site, when the volunteer program has been fully developed and available for members.


There are exciting developments occurring that bode well for the future of First Nation communities and Aboriginal people on our path to self-government. However, the success of these efforts relies heavily on the issue of capacity – that is the ability of key people in Aboriginal communities and organizations to effectively manage resources, programs and services. That is what AFOA is all about. Providing these people with the skills and knowledge to do their job, and do it right.

Success also relies on getting skilled knowledgeable Aboriginals to manage our communities and resources instead of leaving our communities and applying their skills elsewhere. That means interesting young people in certification programs like the Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager program. A recent AFOA survey (see July 2004 issue of AFOA Express) has demonstrated that relatively few people are entering into the Aboriginal management profession and/or working in management in communities.

How can you help? As an AFOA member you are in an ideal position to help by volunteering your services in one of several ways. Note that volunteering for these roles if you are a CAFM will also enable you to earn credits towards your Maintenance of Certification.

Share your experience to inspire a student to become a financial manager

AFOA always needs volunteers to go to career fairs in Aboriginal high schools across the country and deliver presentations on the Aboriginal financial management profession. Would you like to share your story and inspire a student to become a financial manager? Call AFOA today and sign yourself up in your region.

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