The CAFM designation was developed with the support of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA Canada). The CAFM educational program is based on a series of core competencies that are essential for aboriginal financial managers. The competencies are the knowledge, skills and attitudes that have been identified as critical for a financial manager to provide efficient and effective financial management.

A CAFM is an outstanding financial manager who provides leadership and valuable advice on financial and management operations. They set the standard for their profession - they raise the bar in professionalism. CAFMs can lead activities in office management/administration; finance; program management; IT and human resources.



Below is a list of our Saskatchewan CAFMs.               Below is a list of our Saskatchewan CAPAs.                                                                              

Ms. Keaneena Agecoutay, CAFM                                      Ms. Arlene Cyr, CAPA  

Mrs. Cathie Atkins, CAFM, CA                                            Ms. Delphine Morin, CAPA

Mr. Doug Atkins, CAFM

Ms. Maureen Bandas, CAFM

Ms. Eileen Banks, CAFM

Ms. Darlene Bear, CAFM

Ms. Geraldine Bear, CAFM

Ms. Jasmine J. Bear CA, CAFM

Ms. Kathy J. Buckles, CAFM

Mrs. Sheila Buffalo, CAFM

Ms. Theresa Chipak, CAFM

Mr. Kyle Chrstopherson, CPA, CA, CAFM

Ms. Jackie Coulter, CAFM, CACE

Ms. Loretta Czarnota, CAFM, CGA

Mrs. Kathryn J. Dalsgaard, CMA, CAFM

Ms. Gina L. Daniels, CAFM

Ms. Angie Desnomie, CAFM

Ms. Sharon Desnomie, CAFM

Ms. Renee Dixon, CAFM

Ms. Cheryl Foster, CA, CAFM

Ms. Lydia Gauthier, CAFM, Pro. Dir.

Ms. Lana George, CAFM

Ms. Joanne Griffith, CAFM

Mr. Zane Hansen, CMA, BComm, CAFM

Ms. Rose Jacques, CMA, CAFM

Mr. Brad Johnson, CMA, CAFM

Ms. Francine Johnstone, CAFM

Mr. Ray Jones, CAFM

Ms. Roxanne Jordan, CAFM

Ms. Janet Lafond, CGA, CAFM

Ms. Catherine Laliberte, CAFM

Ms. Wendi Lebrun, CAFM, PCP

Mr. Jason M. Lins, CA, CAFM

Ms. Vicky Marinuk, CAFM

Mr. Keith G. Martell, CA, CAFM

Mr. Terry McAdam, CA, CAFM

Ms. Therese McIlmoyl, CMA, CAFM

Ms. Lillian McNab, CAFM

Mr. John L. Michael, CAFM

Ms. Diana L. Millhouse, CA, CAFM, BComm

Ms. Brenda Missens, CAFM

Ms. Donna Morin, CMA, CAFM

Ms. Marlene Morin, CAFM

Ms. Mary Ann Morin, CMA, CAFM

Ms. Marilyn Osecap, B.Comm, CAFM

Ms. Ruth Pierce, CAFM

Ms. Judy Pinay, CAFM

Mr. Evan Schemenauer, CA, CAFM

Ms. Linda Scott, MBA, CAFM, CICA, CMA

Mr. Dana Soonias, CAFM

Mr. Duane Storey, CAFM

Mrs. Angela D. Tanner, CAFM

Mr. Louis Tapper, CA, CAFM

Ms. Tanya Whitehead, CAFM

Mr. Ronald J. Woytowich, CAFM


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